Welcome to Nature Fed™ Eggs
Bringing Non-GMO Eggs To Your Table

    Nature Fed™ Eggs are the first of their kind. We are excited to be the first to offer Non-GMO Project Verified eggs. Our eggs are laid by cage free and free range hens fed an all vegetarian feed that meets the Non-GMO Project Verified standards. You have the right to know exactly what is in the food you are eating and feeding your family. Now you can be confident that the eggs on your table have not been in contact with GMOs. GMOs are experimental technology that have not been proven safe; they are heavily restricted by virtually every other developed country in the world.

We Are Commited To The Land And Animals

    Nature Fed™ Eggs are produced on small family farms that are committed to the land and animals under their care. Each of our farming communities abide by strict animal welfare and environmental guidelines. They don’t just want to produce an egg, they want to produce their eggs the right way.

    Each of our farms is Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care. Humane Farm Animal Care is a non-profit organization that ensures all of our farms are following their strict animal welfare standards. Not only are our hens cage free, but they are also free range which means they have access to the outdoors. Each Nature Fed™ hen enjoys a minimum of 2 square feet of outdoor space. While farmers encourage the hens to enjoy the outdoors, they also ensure that the hens are comfortable within the barns. With perches, nestboxes, and woodchips for dustbathing, the hens’ natural behaviors are not only allowed but encouraged.

    Our farming communities also grow their own non-GMO crops that they mill into feed for the hens. These farmers never use pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics on the crops or animals. In case you're wondering, pesticides are never used on our non-GMO crops. This all natural vegetarian feed gives our hens all the nutrition they need to lay a great quality egg.

    Nature Fed™ Eggs are brought to you by NestFresh® Eggs, 100% Cage Free Eggs, a leader in humane, sustainable, and local eggs.